It has been a week of firsts for the country and Liverpool has been at the very heart of it.

Director of Culture Liverpool, Claire McColgan MBE, reflects on what has taken place behind the scenes to bring events alive once more, and how team work really did make the dream work.

The images of clubbers, festival goers, comedy fans and business leaders that have come out of Liverpool this…

Now Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, there is much scrutiny on how he deals with the Covid crisis which has now claimed its 400,000 US victim.

In this letter from America, Harvard School of Public Health Professor Michael J Mina explains why he has been watching the Covid smart testing programme in Liverpool with growing interest, and believes the new US administration should use the model to help it tackle coronavirus.

Nearly one year into the…

Liverpool City Council’s Public Protection Unit is a small team that makes a big difference. Recently described as ‘the death detectives’ by a TV producer, they spend their time dedicated to giving a dignified departure to those who pass away, seemingly leaving no one behind.

But what they witness in a day stays with them for much longer after they clock off. …

Earlier this year, Liverpool’s ‘100 Day Challenge’ gave teams of frontline staff the chance to work together, across organisations, with three local communities to make positive change happen, fast. It was seen as a ‘launchpad’ to a new way of working. Then lockdown hit. What happened next?

Kids in Anfield and Everton take part in the Beacon Course, a Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service-run programme to encourage primary schoolchildren who were persistently absent to attend school regularly. Their attendance improved by 92% over the six week course.

In February of…

On World Suicide Prevention Day, Craig Adley-Sweeney, a staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion for Liverpool City Council, writes about the importance of challenging the stigma and myths around mental health, particularly for men.

Craig Adley-Sweeney

“There are many misconceptions when it comes to mental health, and in turn these create a…

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